Zag Bijoux and precious, natural stones

Zag Bijoux and precious, natural stones

Natural stones are the stars of ZAG Bijoux and provide the energy for our individual designs and collections. You can choose to wear them in a tonal spirit or venture into a multi-coloured mix of dazzling shades…. the options are endless. Each stone is chosen with the greatest attention and carefully crafted before being strung or set by hand. The origin and symbolism of each stone bijou is significant.

These are our most popular stones……which one speaks to you?


* White Agate….. calm and serene

White agate is a milky white natural stone sometimes with small streaks making each stone unique. Evoking balancing and soothing properties, it is said to have the power to rebalance the chakras and bring harmony. At ZAG Bijoux we adore white agate in large cabochons on rings or simply set in bracelets.  An essential stone in all our summer collections to complement sun-kissed skin.

Shop Vino Ring and Manureva Bracelet in White Agate


 Amazonite… happiness, sincerity, harmony

 Amazonite takes us to Brazil, right on the banks of the Amazon River whose name it bears. Legend says that this deep blue-green stone was the favourite stone of Amazon warriors and symbolised their courage.  If it is easily confused with turquoise and shares the same virtues: those of soothing negative thoughts and bringing harmony, joy and balance. 


 Shop Zoe Earrings and Zoe Necklace in Amazonite


Carnelian…vitality, balance and resistance

Carnelian tones vary from blood red to softer peach-pink orange, the stone is named after the corneus tree whose leaves and wood are red. It is found in Egypt embedded in precious tombs as to accompany the dead to the afterlife.  Carnelian is a stone that offers stability, grounding and improved confidence



Shop Velasquez Bracelet and Beans Necklace in  Carnelian


Labradorite …. protection, seduction and regeneration

Labradorite is a magical and bewitching stone with grey metallic colour and a multitude of reflections. Discovered in Canada in the region of Labrador, it was considered by the Inuit tribes as a legendary stone that gave birth to the Northern Lights. Deemed to be ‘the protective stone’ par excellence, it is said that wearing it shields against negative energies and increases the laws of attraction and opens our energies to others. Labradorite can be perfectly paired with gold or silver.


 Shop Louane Necklace in Labradorite


Lapis Lazuli…happiness, health and love

Between azure and ultramarine, lapis-lazuli is the blue stone par excellence. Long confused with sapphires, lapis became the essential stone for Egyptian ornaments.  Many virtues are attributed to it, such as promoting understanding of oneself and others, facilitating communication, thus bringing wisdom and serenity to those around you.  We recommend wearing it all the time around the neck because ancestral legends assure that it is beneficial for the throat, headaches and allergies.


 Shop Vera Ring and Pablo Necklace in Lapis Lazuli


Malachite…fulfillment, assurance, audacity

The malachite stone was loved by the Tsars of Russia and you can admire the malachite-covered columns of Saint Petersburg Cathedral. Its protective properties have been recognised for centuries and malachite is said to boost self-confidence and increase our powers of persuasion. Balancing the heart chakras, it harmonises our intimate relationships. 


 Shop Candy Ring and Belo Horizonte Bracelet in Malachite


Mother-of-pearl…safety, wellbeing

 Composed of the inner layer of the shell, mother-of-pearl shines with both intense white and subtle multi-coloured reflections.  It is commonly believed to attract prosperity and offers soothing, motherly protection from negative energy. The refined finish of mother-of-pearl is abundantly present in our collections and works well alongside all stones.


 Shop Asteria Necklace and Favela Bracelet in Mother-of-Pearl


 Black Onyx….courage, power

 Black onyx is a stone full of mysteries and the term onyx comes from the Greek meaning nail. It is said that Cupid would have cut the nails of his mother the goddess Aphrodite during her sleep and that these would have turned into black stones. Onyx deposits are found in Latin America, India and also in Madagascar. In India, onyx is considered the stone that protects against evil energies. Onyx is said to provide support in difficult times and boost self-esteem. It is the stone of stability and balance. 

 Shop Frances Earrings and Sun Bracelet in Black Onyx


The Sunstone….good mood, vitality and inner balance

 With a variety warm colour palettes ranging from oranges to browns, the sunstone shines under the star whose name it bears with small glittery reflections. From the quartz family, this stone also bears the name of Heliotite from the Greek Helios, the god of the sun. 

The virtues that are attributed to sunstone are multiple, it is said to be invigorating and purifying to bring inner serenity and the courage to embark on ambitious projects. 


 Shop Lima Ring and Aga Necklace in Sunstone


Pyrite…magnetism, inspiration and creativity


Pyrite is a natural stone with a metallic bronze colour. It captures light like gold or platinum and some Native American tribes used it to make mirrors. Composed mainly of crystals, Pyrite is found in abundance in Spain, France, Italy and Slovakia. Its very particular bronze colour makes it a fascinating stone that invites questioning.  Pyrite can be perfectly paired with gold or silver.


 Shop Serpia Ring in Pyrite


 The African Turquoise…friendship, gentleness, wellbeing

 The African turquoise is a blue-green stone speckled with earthy ebony or cocoa veins. Extracted from the mines of South Africa, it is often confused with turquoise. It is known for its soothing properties and is the stone of positivity and balance. This allows those who wear it to realign their energies but also to open their heart chakra.

 Shop Manbo Earrings and Akilah Ring in Africa Turquoise



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