Bonne Fete National Francaise avec Zag Bijoux

Bonne Fete National Francaise avec Zag Bijoux

July is the French celebratory month with a national holiday on Bastille Day (14th July) to mark the beginning of the French Revolution and the freedoms that followed

One of the hallmarks of French flair is to celebrate being an individual and Zag Bijoux offers a kaleidoscope of creative options to wear alone or assembled as you like to create your signature style. So let’s celebrate like a true Parisienne!

Recently we had a special opportunity in Paris to catch up with Michelle Zhang, founder of the brand to share her personal insights and inspirations.

* Where did the ZAG name come from?

ZAG comes from my last name ZHANG, shortened to be easy to pronounce and remember.

* What does ZAG represent?

There are three letters to symbolize my brother, my sister and I. All of us working in the jewellery field, following in our parents’ footsteps.

* Where do you draw inspiration from?

Everything is inspiring to me and Paris is at the heart of my inspiration. Our offices are located in the center of the city, close to the emblematic Le Marais, It is there that I draw my creative energy.

* Who inspires you?

The Parisian woman … she is inspiring, chic, and laid-back. She knows herself and looks for jewellery that she can wear day and night.

* What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

A jewel that will never go out of fashion.

* If you could describe ZAG in one emotion, what would it be?


* How would you define the Parisian woman?

She is a multi-faceted woman who is as comfortable in a tailored “working girl” suit as in a sexy and fluid dress of sensual allure. She is different. She mixes all kind of pieces, from Chanel to Uniqlo to create her own style.

* How would you define Parisian style?

Chic but simple and practical. Essential for an active woman.

* What are your style rules with wearing jewellery?

STACKING to create one’s own style!

* What is the one piece of jewellery every woman should have in her collection?

Why choose?

* What is the best way to store jewellery?

When not wearing a jewel, close the clasp in the case of a bracelet or necklace, place it in its pouch, with just the logo plate outside. This way you will avoid scratches and spending hours trying to untangle your necklace.



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