Summer 2022 Jewellery Trends

Summer 2022 Jewellery Trends

Spring has arrived and with it comes a renewed sense of style finesse!  Jewellery continues to be a bright spark amongst the Covid gloom that has pervaded the last two years.  as the days become warmer, our wardrobes and accessories transition accordingly.  The mood-lifting power of a great piece of jewellery is unparalleled. .Refresh you look with these new season style pieces...



Pearly white

Nothing screams ‘summer’ quite like pearlescent necklaces, earrings and bracelets. With a deep connection to the ocean, pearls pair perfectly with any summer staple, from a kaftan on the beach to a playful jumpsuit for sundowners.



Layered, colourful necklaces

As the weather starts to warm and we swap jumpers for linen shirts, the ways to experiment with new and playful necklaces are endless. Break out of your everyday jewellery routine and embrace whimsical colours and fresh designs to capture the essence and playful nature of the new season. Strands with shells, beads and stones are a great way to introduce a cheery summer vibe




For a daring no-fuss statement this summer, wear pieces featuring medallions or coins. Wear alone for an eye-catching look or layered up to create interest and intrigue. The mantra for this season is more is more, so don’t be afraid to layer your pieces and go for bold, striking jewellery.



Bead Overload

Beads in abundance feature this season in all shapes and colours. Beaded hoops are a fun way to elevate a simple summer style like a floaty white top and pull your hair back to make them shine. Beads in bracelets offer a youthful sophistication to any outfit. A mood of cheerful optimism is being reflected in the designs this year, pieces that instantly boost your style and spirit.



Beachy Bijoux

Beach inspiration is always a feature for summer, especially here in Australia. Add a nod to the seaside with your jewellery using bright beads, colourful shells and nautical motifs. Ankle bracelets are a fun way to accessorize your swimwear.





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