A serendipitous discovery - bringing Zag Bijoux to Australia

A serendipitous discovery - bringing Zag Bijoux to Australia

Hopefully you have fallen in love with Zag Bijoux as much as I did when I first set eyes on the jewellery in a little boutique in the Marais district in Paris in 2019 - a serendipitous discovery that would be the start of an exciting journey I seem destined to make!

The discovery was the perfect segue to move from a long-held career in the cosmetic industry to a French passion project. I have always been a part of the corporate world, spending the previous 23 years of my life as the GM of a skincare brand here in Sydney.  I was looking for that next chapter that would enable me to pursue my travelling passion to France. So on that trip in 2019, all the stars aligned and the idea to introduce this treasured French brand to Australia was born.

After a year of perseverance, tracking down the right contacts and communicating in my basic French, I finally persuaded the owners to allow me to set up the distribution here. The initial plans were unexpectedly derailed by the onset of COVID, however I was determined to press on, build momentum and grow the footprint of the brand in Australia.

The next 18 months was an exhilarating time of ups and downs, of learning to navigate the dynamics of e-commerce and social media, respecting the hard work and dedication of the people involved in the retail world and meeting so many new friends along the way.

I hope you love the unique style of each piece, designed in Paris and expertly hand-crafted by artisans in the Zag Bijoux atelier using surgical grade stainless steel that is plated with 18K gold. With a sophisticated process where the gold is magnetised to the steel, the jewellery is able to be worn at all times without tarnishing. Signature semi-precious stones like Onyx, Amazonite, Sunstone and many others are used to embellish individual pieces to become unique treasures.  Every is free from nickel, completely hypoallergenic and resistant to oxidisation. Zag Bijoux is a collectible brand that can be worn individually or layered as you like.

 Bringing Zag Bijoux to Australia has been a season I have loved and I can’t wait for the next stage of this exciting journey! I hope you are as captivated by the ‘jewellery of life’ as I am.


Bisou Bisou 




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